Ms. Tammy Burrows
Tammy Burrows
Piano @ GFCS   |  Master Teacher

Two score and nine years ago, her parents brought forth the decree that she would be enrolled in piano lessons. Tammy had no idea what lay in store for her. There would be hours of practice over the years but in exchange she would be rewarded with a priceless gift: the ability to play an instrument. Whether to warm the heart on a cold day or venting frustration at a challenging day, Tammy discovered that music had lifelong benefits.

Now she enjoys empowering young people to enjoy music through the piano. A classroom teacher for over 35 years in grades of K-4, 1st, 3rd, 4th, and 6th-8th as well as a piano teacher for over 20 years, Tammy loves engaging students whether in Bible, History, or Music for all are backdrops for learning life lessons and bringing glory to God. When not teaching, Tammy enjoys hanging out with her three grown daughters and five grandchildren.

Tammy holds a M.Ed. in Curriculum Design & Instruction (2013) from Arlington Baptist College.
Mrs. Gina Yant
Gina Yant
Piano @ LCCS   |  Master Teacher

Gina’s love affair with the piano started in 3rd Grade in Springtown, Texas. She always had an affinity for playing and practicing. And she loved to share the stories of her early lessons about how God provided a piano for them, despite difficult financial times. Her mother always believed in the importance of lessons for her. She loved to remind herself and others how God would provide money for lessons even when it didn’t make sense when you looked at the budget each month.

Gina was blessed with a Renaissance man for a Dad. He taught AP classes, was a successful football coach, and enjoyed going to see musicals with her. This relationship influences her still to this day as evidenced by her enjoyment of going to football and basketball games, excelling in her teaching career, as well as attending musical performances. She is a rabid University of Houston Cougars fan!!!

Music in general, and piano specifically, appealed to her love of studying and learning. As a shy student, music also gave her an outlet and a voice. Gina took piano lessons throughout school. Eventually, attending the University of Houston to study music... Go Coogs!

Gina graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Houston with a Bachelor of Arts in Music. After graduating, she met her future husband, Tray, at a Southcliff Baptist singles western dance. They have been married 28 years.

Mrs. Yant began her music and piano teaching career and also her accompanying career at Lake Country Christian School in Fort Worth, Texas. This year marks her 21st year at Lake Country (LCCS). Both of her children attended and graduated from LCCS. It has been a blessing to work at such an outstanding school and do what God has been equipping her to do all her life!

Mrs. Yant's love of learning and teaching inspired her to get her Master’s in Music Education three years ago through Tarleton State University.

Mrs. Yant holds a Bachelor of Arts in Music (2000) from the University of Houston and a Master's of Music Education (2019) from Tarleton State University.
Ms. Ashley Hamilton
Ashley Hamilton
Piano @ GFCS

Ever since she was an eager child sitting on a church pew, Ashley knew she wanted to make music for Jesus. But what did that mean? She dove into piano lessons at age seven and devoured music theory and classical pieces. At age eleven, she added acoustic guitar and singing to the mix. Soon after, she encountered Holy Spirit and discovered the true meaning of making music for Jesus: worship!

The Lord transitioned her focus from musical accomplishment to worshiping Him, and leading others in worship. From kid's church to the main weekend service, she loved the Lord through music in every opportunity He brought her. She also received training in directing a worship band, where she thrived and began leading bands on a regular basis.

At age eighteen, Ashley began teaching piano and guitar lessons. She taught for four years at her home studio and then accepted a full-time worship ministry position with Lifestyle Christianity, where she trained worship teams and taught worship students in a classroom setting. In 2022, the Lord called her back into the adventure of teaching private lessons!  This fall, she continues her studies at The King’s University while raising up musicians to play with skill and hearts of worship.

Ashley holds an Associate’s Degree in Worship Leadership from The King’s University (2019), as well as two years of training from Lifestyle Christianity University (2021).
Ms. Mikayla Martin
Mikayla Martin
Piano @ GFCS, LCCS

Mikayla began music instruction with piano in kindergarten. By elementary, she had picked up acoustic and electric guitar. In junior high she joined the band taking on the Bb clarinet and was handpicked to move to the bass clarinet as a result of her mastery level. She lettered in high school band, marching for four years as a Byron Nelson bobcat. During her high school years she added the ukulele, bass guitar, and drums to her list of instruments. She also began playing in the worship band at her church, Fellowship of the Parks, which included multiple sites across the metroplex.

God has used music in such a powerful way in Mikayla’s life and she loves sharing it with the next generation. When Ms. Martin is not teaching, you can find her hanging out with family and friends, leading worship at her church, and playing lead guitar with One Headlight, a 90's cover band.
Josh Miller
Josh Miller
Voice, Piano, Guitar @ GFCS, LCCS

Josh had music in his life at every stage of his small-town south Louisiana upbringing. Singing with the radio, marching in drumline, leading with worship teams and gathering with friends to harmonize. By the time he finished high school, he was ready to pursue a degree in music.

In college, his love for music deepened along with his trust in Jesus. In 2018, he founded a band called Levi Square, a group of unique and extraordinary musicians. Levi Square was like a family until Covid.

After graduation, Josh followed God's lead and moved to Fort Worth, Texas. Shortly after starting seminary, God asked him to follow the Call to teach. As a result, Levi Square was reborn as a ministry to teach music to students and families.

Today, Josh continues to invite new students into his teaching ministry, Levi Square. Josh and his lovely bride, Gretchen are on a mission together to bring a love for God through the Arts to students of every age. Josh remains true to the call of teaching students to be excellent, unique and extraordinary in their music.

Josh holds a Bachelors of Arts in Music and Worship Leadership from Louisiana College (2020). Areas of musical training include: guitar, vocal harmony, ukulele, piano and classical voice.