2023-24 Registration

Welcome! Thank you for choosing RockPrep to assist you in leading your student through the journey of discovering the creative, developing their gifts and delighting in the joy of sharing them with others. We're looking forward to connecting your family to our teachers!

Before You Start

Please read the Parent Handbook & the Parent Agreement.

Our 2023-24 Parent Handbook contains the following:
    1. Our Mission & Commitments
    2. Lesson Pricing & Payment
    3. Scheduling, Attendance & Makeups
    4. Behavior & Discipline

Let's Get Registered!

Our Registration Process

Welcome to our registration process! Our registration system allows you to register, pay tuition, update your information, view important calendars and more!

We have both a YouTube video tutorial (below) and a QuickStart Guide (below) that explain how to setup your new Parent Portal account and complete your online registration.

NOTE: All steps are required for all families for registration.

Questions? contact us here

Registration Checklist

Following is a Checklist so you won't forget anything required for registration ;

1. Update your Account & Student Information
2. Add other students (if needed)
3. Read Parent Handbook
4. Select your Location (select > "Show: All Locations")
     > Select one Location > Grapevine Faith Christian School, Lake Country Christian School, Accommodated Learning Academy
5. Register each Student for Lessons/Classes 
5. Update Payment Information (add your ACH or CC)
6. Click "Finish Registration Now" Button (Top Menu > Account > Register for Class)

IMPORTANT : to complete registration you are required to add your ACH or CC because you are authorizing the first month's payment (which will process as soon as you click "Finish Registration Now"). You can always add lessons and students later, but we want you to know up front that a payment will run upon completion of registration.

Registration Help?

  • Tech Savvy? Try our 2 minute Registration QuickStart Tour : Video link
  • Want more details? Try our step-by-step Registration Tutorial : Video link

Click on Your School to Login and Register!

Grapevine Faith Christian School
Lake Country Christian School
Accommodated Learning Academy

Welcome to RockPrep!