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Welcome! Thank you for choosing RockPrep to assist you in leading your student through the journey of discovering the creative, developing their gifts and delighting in the joy of sharing them with others. We're looking forward to connecting your family to our teachers!

Our Registration Process

We are pleased to announce that our Registration Process is secure, encrypted and 100% ONLINE! Questions? contact us here

First time to enroll? More details about each step are available below.

  1. Step 1Read about *Lesson Pricing & Policies, then submit:
       >>> Parent Handbook & Policy Agreement: click here to read and sign
  2. Step 2: Complete and Submit *ONE of the following:
       >>> eCheck (ACH) Authorization Form (no fee): click here to sign eCheck
       >>> CC Authorization Form (3.4% convenience fee applies): click here to sign CC
  3. Last Step: Fill out our Online Sign-up *Form
       >>> Complete your Registration here: click here to Sign-up

* Required document. PLEASE DO NOT SIGN UP for a free SignRequest account - it makes the process more difficult.

SignRequest Instructions

When registering online, you will be directed to a SignRequest page:
  1. At the prompt, type your *mobile phone (type +1 for USA). If you see any other flag, please type +1, then your phone number.
  2. Type your email address, if prompted.
  3. After reading doc, follow the blue arrow & complete each field.
  4. To send, press the “Finalize” button.
  5. SignRequest sends you & RockPrep a copy.

>>> The confirmation page offers an opportunity to create a free account. You DO NOT have to create an account to sign and send any of our documents. Simply close the tab to return to www.RockPrep.Rocks to move on to the next registration step.
>>> Video instructions for using SignRequest: click here
>>> SignRequest information transfer encryption and security: click here

Two step verification is enabled on all docs.

Let's Get Registered!

Step 1

Our 2020-2021 Parent Handbook contains the following:
    1. Our Mission & Commitments
    2. Lesson Pricing & Payment: click here to view 2020-21 pricing
    3. Scheduling, Attendance & Makeups
    4. Behavior & Discipline

Read and sign our Parent Handbook & Policy Agreement: click here to read and sign

Step 2

Before lessons scheduling can begin, we require one of the following:
    1. eCheck (ACH) Authorization Form (no fee): click here to sign eCheck
    2. CC Authorization Form (3.4% convenience fee applies): click here to sign CC

Final Step

Welcome to RockPrep! Once you've completed Step 1 & Step 2, we need to specifics about your lessons and/or classes.

The following is important for you to know:
    1. Complete a separate Sign-up Form for each child
    2. Every field is required

Complete your Registration here: click here to Sign-up