Our Story

Jamie & Jessica Kirby

Jamie & Jessica Kirby
co-founders, RockPrep Creative Arts Enrichment

As for storybook beginnings, 1992 was a very good year. It was a bright and quiet morning when Jamie met Jessica as he crossed the threshold of "Music Appreciation" class. For these two 2nd year music majors, love became the compelling reason to stay awake and do well in this painfully early 8 a.m. class at Oklahoma City University. Three years later, they tied the knot, graduated with the Bachelors degrees and entered their first ministry assignment at St. Andrew's United Methodist Church (Oklahoma City).

Two Master's degrees in Music, Twenty-one years of marriage, and two children later, these two partners in ministry, music, teaching and life serve as faculty (Jessica) and private music instructors at Grapevine Faith Christian School.

Just a few years ago, the dream of creating jobs for creative people was born. That dream has officially come to life in this initiative called RockPrep. In the past seven years, we have grown deeper in our faith and as a community of creatives. RockPrep now helps creative people in three different schools.

Check out Jamie & Jessica's oceansdeep (worship & cinematic music) website: click here

How RockPrep Started

RockPrep started as a dream to create excellence in creative arts enrichment for students and job opportunities for creative people. That dream is now a growing reality in the lives our staff and students.

RockPrep is a community of Christ-following creative people dedicated to helping students discover the creative, develop their gifts and delight in the journey. We teach creative arts enrichment in a private, semi-private and group context. Our primary goal is a consistently enjoyable & fun experience of learning (as we call it, Delight) for both student and teacher alike.

Currently, we offer on-site enrichment at Grapevine Faith Christian School (GFCS), Accommodated Learning Academy (ALA) and Lake Country Christian School (LCCS) for the following: music, art and acting. Additionally, at LCCS, we offer dance!